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Let your child unleash their inner creativity with our origami-inspired robots


GAMITOY introduces the first steps of circuitry and electronics to young children via simple circuits using conductive tape. Your task is to design and bring your GAMITOY to life!

Your GAMITOY can be whatever you want! Make a three-eyed fish, a striped cow, a spotted bunny. Unleash your creativity and have fun tinkering with your own creation with GAMITOY. Create and learn the basics of circuitry, it’s hands-on!


Each GAMITOY kit contains simple components that are easy to assemble. Two sets of components are provided - The LED circuit and The Movement circuit. Just paste them on the inside of your GAMITOY to bring them to life in different ways!

Just insert the tail with the conductive tape into the GAMITOY to get it going!

GAMITOY comes with the GAMIGuide, a set of flashcards with several concepts and designs to aid your child in the learning and playing process.

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The design of GAMITOY takes its inspiration from origami and kirigami to come up with simple and intuitive designs to encourage creativity and freedom of expression. 

GAMITOY can be played on any surface however big or small. There are no limits!

GAMITOY is designed with both genders in mind! It provides the same fun experience to both boys and girls!

What People Say

Fun and interesting!  Kids will love it!